This blog is new. In a fit of piqué I decided to create tHE _rampantBlogger !!!!

Whilst I have very high hopes for the blog I expect my blog to under-achieve massively and not to live up to it’s name by any stretch of the imagination. Be warned reading on could well be a big disappointment (I take no responsibility for the time you spend here only to have your hopes dashed).

As is customary on the about page I’m meant to give some sort of explanation for all this and a bio of sorts. I will not but will hint as to speculation regarding a possible future post where all things shall be revealed !!!! (no Luke I am not your father)

Ok so in order to prevent any further rambling let’s get on with it…..

NB. FUTURE versions of this page will heavily edit this content for something with much drier wit and content that is heavily sardonic.


Any Content on this blog is used at your own risk. I offer no implied warranty for anything here !!

while (_unsatisfied) goto start;


Move along, There’s nothing to see !!

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