My first (lame) blog post

Oh crap !! Now the S.H.Really.H.T.F

I feel like Peter Griffin caught in the head lights.


It has hit home that I actually have to come up with some real meaningful content.

My fantasy first post was a political diatribe that lamented the current state of affairs in [insert country / continent of choice here] and went on to expound some grandiose and completely infallible solution to aforementioned woes that would in theory benefit all in society but 20 years later would be found to enrich only a very small subset. However, even when this became self evident I would still be hero worshipped by the talking heads (on the payroll) as a master of [insert discipline of choice here (economics, law, etc…)] You get the drift, right.

So failing that I’m going to bitch no whine about CSS @media and the poor quality of the CSS books (400 + pages of CSS book and they spend 2 on @media). Here goes !

begin winge:

@media is a reasonable attempt to add the ability to change the way a page displays depending upon the output medium (hats off to the techies…).

Media Type. Description
all all media type devices
aural speech and sound synthesizers
braille braille tactile feedback devices
embossed. paged braille printers
handheld small or handheld devices
print printers
projection projected presentations, like slides
screen computer screens
tty media using a fixed-pitch character grid, like teletypes and terminals
tv television-type devices

In particular it gives us the chance to deal with print formatting for page based media.

[insert link to much more educated post that does this subject justice]

That said it doesn’t really work that way and no one seems to have been able to figure out anything more than the absolute basics (and hence the 2 pages in most books)

The promise of @media and @page. Is that you can do some page layout with “absolute” or “fixed” position elements in CSS. In fact though the output seems to depend upon the length of the html page rather than the rules in CSS.

(For those about to flame we salute you. ……)


Lets say you have a page with a fixed section that you want printed relative to the bottom of a printed page. What seems to happen is that positioning of that element seems to be tied to the end of the previous

rather than the absolute bottom of the printed media page length.

So I tried experimenting with using the different settings but to avail.

To be continued……

end winge:

disclaimer: some required testing was omitted prior to formulating these opinions



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